Hyundai IONIQ 5 ASEAN Tour Concludes In Ho Chi Minh City

The 11-day ASEAN tour with 5 Hyundai IONIQ 5s covered 3,197 km from Singapore to Vietnam. 

After setting off from Singapore on the 30th of November, Hyundai has recently proudly announced that it has concluded in Ho Chih Minh City its IONIQ 5 ASEAN Tour. 

An 11-day journey that spanned 3,197 km across 5 ASEAN countries from Singapore to Vietnam, the South Korean automaker is also proud to tout for its EV to have exhibited remarkable cost efficiency throughout the trip. Hyundai notes for the total cost per car for the entire journey only amounted to US$116 (RM 540), or approximately two times more cost-efficient in comparison to an equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

“Hyundai is fueled by an unwavering commitment to innovation and shaping the future of mobility – a commitment that reverberates in every action we take,” exclaimed Youngtack Lee, President of Hyundai Motor ASEAN HQ during the tour’s conclusion. “Our dedication to making electric vehicles more accessible as the definitive clean mobility solution of tomorrow has taken a giant leap forward. Witnessing the tremendous success and excitement generated by the IONIQ 5 ASEAN Tour, we are propelled to intensify our comprehensive innovation aimed at fortifying the EV infrastructure and ecosystem across the region. The journey may have concluded, but the electric excitement has just begun.”

The IONIQ 5 ASEAN Tour, a groundbreaking electric mobility initiative comprising 5 vehicles — 2 manufactured in Indonesia and 3 in Singapore — and in collaboration with several participants from the Association of Singapore (AAS), Hyundai Motor Company, local community influencers, and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) from Indonesia and Thailand, aimed to become a dynamic proving ground and showcase for the IONIQ 5’s reliability, eco-friendliness, and long-distance capabilities, especially in the Southeast Asia market, where many are still doubtful of EV capabilities.

The tour began in Singapore with a thrilling flag-off ceremony. In Malaysia, participants participated in a media convoy featuring the sleek IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6. In Bangkok, Thailand, the IONIQ 5’s revolutionary Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology transformed the cars into power hubs, enhancing outdoor lamps, music performances, mini cinema experiences, and culinary experiences.

Mr. Nithi Thuamprathom, an influencer who joined the tour from Hat Yai, Thailand, expressed his exhilaration, stating, “Being part of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 ASEAN tour has exceeded all my expectations! I am convinced that electric vehicles, particularly the IONIQ 5, are the future of transportation. This transformative tour removes my anxiety on EVs capabilities, conclusively proving that EVs not only cover long distances but do so with such style, comfort and reliability.”

Nithi, a prominent figure in the electric vehicles industry, has expressed optimism for the Thai market, highlighting the potential of electric vehicles in promoting sustainable and exciting era of electric mobility.

As the tour ventured into Cambodia, Fitra Eri, an influencer from Indonesia as well as an automotive expert took the stage, sharing compelling insights and enlightening the Cambodian market on the immense potential of electric vehicles in shaping the future of transportation.

Culminating in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the tour reached its grand finale with yet another electrifying media convoy, featuring a high note from Fitra Eri, who declared, “As the first proud owner of the IONIQ 5 in Indonesia, my electric vehicle journey shattered the anxiety about city limits. This tour not only confirmed that beyond urban boundaries, we experienced zero worries and unmatched convenience during long-distance drives with the IONIQ 5 crossing borders of different countries, but it also erased anxieties about finding charging stations. We arrived at our destinations rejuvenated, waking up to a fully charged vehicle the next morning.”

“Even during the challenging stretch from Cambodia to Vietnam, where charging stations are limited, the IONIQ 5 showcased an impressive range, boasting around 50% battery life remaining. This journey emphatically validates the tour’s slogan, ‘Go Far With Zero Worries,’ underscoring the pivotal role of electric vehicles in shaping the future of transportation. Importantly, it signals that the ASEAN region is ready for future electrification,” added Fitra, foreseeing this success as a testament to the potential of electric vehicles, predicting a transformative era in ASEAN.

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