Audi and Huawei have been working together since 2018

Huawei and Audi teamed up on 13th July 2018 to integrate their technology into new connected and self-driving vehicles. The memorandum of understanding formed part of a broad-based partnership to accelerate the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), as well as various connected car services. The two companies also agreed to jointly develop training programs to strengthen the skill sets of technology experts working on smart cars. Before the signing of the agreement, Huawei and Audi have previously cooperated in other areas related to connected vehicles, including the initiating of the telecom-vehicle industry organization 5GAA in 2017. That same year Audi became the first foreign automobile manufacturer in China to participate in the first-time deployment of LTE-V, a mobile communication standard specially designed for connected cars.
Working in cooperation with Huawei and the Chinese government, Audi drivers were provided with real-time traffic information through connections to traffic light systems and video monitoring at intersections. This Audi and Huawei announcement happened on the same week as Volvo Cars signing with Huawei.

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