Honda Sees Production Increase For 1st Time In 5 Years In 2023

Honda produced nearly 4.2 million cars worldwide in 2023, which is up over 8% from 2022. 

While Honda Malaysia certainly had quite the good year when it comes to sales in 2023, the automaker in general also didn’t seem to shabby in this aspect globally too. Such is because with an annual worldwide production last year of 4,188,039 cars, this past year was actually the first time in 5 years that it made more cars than in the preceding year. 

In delving deeper into the production statistics, Honda has even more good news to share too. Annual production outside of Japan in 2023 for the automaker has similarly experienced its first year-on-year increase in the past half-decade, while production of its cars in its home market is on its second consecutive year of year-on-year increase. 

Honda in Japan produces 718,521 cars in the past 12 months, which marks an 11.6% rise over the previous year. The automaker’s annual North American production however saw an even more impressive year-on-year gain in 2023, with the 1,559,981 units produced over there marking an over 30% increase from 2022. 

Interestingly, Honda has further separated out its North American production figures to highlight that it produced 1,018,262 cars in the United States alone in 2023. This incidentally marks an increase of 22.4% over what it made in the land of the free the year before. 

On the same note meanwhile, Honda has also separated China out from its total annual Asian production count. The news over there however was not to be so rosy, as the 1,265,932 units manufactured is only 88.9% of what the automaker managed to make in 2022. 

This slight slump in China is further reflected in its wider Asian production figures, with the 1.83 million cars it made in Asia in 2023 only to be 93.2% of what it had produced in 2022. Funnily enough however, Honda is happy to report that its exports from Japan over the last year were up everywhere except to Europe. 

As for other interesting tid-bits to be found in the production statistics, sales of Honda kei cars in Japan saw its first year-on-year increase in 5 years. This is then to be supplemented by news of the automaker also seeing its first year-on-year increase in new vehicle registrations in its home market for the first time in 7 years. 

And just for those who missed the good news for Honda locally, the Japanese automaker in 2023 surpassed its annual sales goal of 80,000 units and continues to hold on to its top spot in the non-national passenger vehicle segment locally for the 10th year in a row.

Honda WR-V

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