MGB GT 1967 Classic Used Car Buy Guide

Looking for a classic car that will not send you to the poor house? Needs a clssic sports car that has status appeal? Want a classic car that is easy to maintain?

Well, we have a possible answer for you right here and it comes from a old friend. The MGB is still one of the world’s best-selling sports cars. During the car’s long production life (1962-1980), over half a million MGBs rolled out of Abingdon’s factory gates. Unlike many of BMC’s contemporary products, it was also a great success in around the world including Malaysia where its mechanical simplicity, good looks, sensible price and honest charm were seen as assets.

Today there are not many units alive and kicking and it remains a favorite with collectors. Prices range from RM35,000 to a possible RM70,000 for a well restored unit.

The MGB GT’s windshield is about 4 inches taller than that of the roadster while the side windows are about 1.5 inches higher; the front fenders were reshaped to maintain the car’s proportions. The GT had the same engine as the roadster, a 1,798cc B-series 4-cylinder engine making 98hp and a decent 149 Nm.

MGB GT Technical Specifications

Engine: 4 cylinder in line

Capacity: 1,798cc

Bore & Stroke: 80.26mm x 88.9mm

Valve operation: overhead operated by tappets pushrods and rockers.

No of bearings: 5 main

Power output: 98bhp at 5,500 rpm

Maximum torque: 149Nm at 2,500 rpm

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Carburation: Twin SU’s

Clutch: Single dry plate

Suspension: front; coil and wishbone, rear; live axle with semi elliptic leaf springs.

Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front & rear

Steering: Rack and pinion

Brakes: Hydraulic with servo assistance. Front; 10.75″ dia disc. Rear; 10″ dia drum

Maximum speed: 104 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 13.0 seconds

The asking price for the classic sports car is RM45,000 and it is on an “as is where is basis” basis.

So what does this car need doing after purchase?

– some welding on the body aft of the rear right hand window.

– floor pan is still good but some anti-rust would be advisable.  

– paint job is decent but best to get a new quality coat done. 

– interior needs to be reupholstered.

– needs new tyres. 

– needs new battery. 

– needs new distributor cap.

This car belongs to an good friend and if interested contact us at and we will direct you to the owner.

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