GWM Malaysia Slashes 2024 Ora Good Cat Prices By RM 26,000

The Ora Good Cat 400 Pro is now priced at RM 116,800, with the 500 Ultra costing RM 143,800.

Another battle in the brewing local EV price war has just kicked off, with the party throwing down the gauntlet this time being GWM Malaysia, who has recently revealed a ‘new strategic pricing approach’ for its 2024 model year Ora Good Cat… which essentially translates to a whopping slash in its local list price by RM 26,000! 

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. The 2024 Ora Good Cat will now be priced from RM 113,800 for the 400 Pro variant, with the 500 Ultra trim costing RM 143,800. This is in comparison to the RM 139,800 and RM 169,800 for those two specs respectively, just a year (or even a week actually) ago.

In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya festive celebration too, GWM Malaysia are further sweetening the deal to balik kampung with an Ora Good Cat by throwing in a complimentary home wall box charger and 3-pin portable charger with the purchase of this cutesy all-electric hatchback. This promotion only valid for new registrations until 30 April 2024. 

Just getting into a little bit more detail here for those perhaps interested in purchasing one of these EVs, the primary differentiating element between the two variants under the skin is for the 400 Pro to offer only 310 km of WLTP-claimed range from its 47.8 kWh battery pack, while the 500 Ultra is capable of travelling up to 420 km on its larger 63.1 kWh unit. The higher-tier Ora Good Cat is also to only be the trim with 60 kW DC fast charging, a massaging driver’s seat and an enhanced suite of active driver aides. 


Now getting back to this price adjustment and turning to the perspective of existing owners of these EVs meanwhile, who have basically seen their car’s values drop overnight by RM 26,000, GWM Malaysia has nevertheless attempted to placate its understandably fuming customer base by offering them ‘an exclusive benefit of an additional 2 years vehicle warranty up to 150,000 km’. This is up from the original time coverage of 5 years, but there is interestingly no change in the milage cap with this good-will extension. 

Furthermore, the Chinese automaker has also extended to its existing customers an extra 5 years or 75,000 km free maintenance (parts and labour included), whichever comes first, on top of last completed service interval. Though it is probably worth reminding here that one of the main perks of owning an EV is for there to be almost zero-maintenance needed. So this gesture may still rather ring hollow to those who already bought their slightly-over-a-year-old Ora Good Cats previously. 

Having said that however, there might not be all that many existing Ora Good Cat owners who may be out of pocket for the full RM 26,000 from this particular price drop. Such is as the Chinese automaker has already long been slashing prices for this EV, with it previously offering up to RM 20,000 off in various promotional campaigns since the tail-end of 2023. 

Then again, this latest massive slashing of prices does nevertheless serve as a stark reminder of the value-related risks involved in buying an EV during this current price war. Who would really want to buy your used EV, when a new one costs just as much?

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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