Proton X70 2020 model to get new GKUI19 system

Technology company ECARX (owned by Geely), this week announced the company’s new E-Series chipset at the launch of the GKUI19 and the global showcase of the Geely Bo Yue PRO, the first vehicle to use both GKUI19 and the E-Series chipset.

ECARX together with the global fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek, has developed the E-series, a system-on-chip (SoC) made specifically for intelligent connected vehicles to further enhance the users experience when using GKUI equipped vehicles.

The first independently developed chip from ECARX is the E01 SoC which utilises a high-speed 64-bit quad core Central Processing Unit (CPU) combined with dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) supporting HD 1080p dual screen display and a 4G modem which provide seamless capable connectivity and content delivery within equipped vehicles.

ECARX is planning for a more powerful E02 SoC, a next generation SoC with 8-cores and an independent neural processing unit NPU, to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Since its release in 2018, the GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem has gathered more than 1 million active users and equipped on more than 22 Geely models. It is the fastest intelligent connectivity in-vehicle system in the industry.

With the addition of the new dedicated E-series chips, the updated GKUI19 adds greater AI capabilities to the system. In the latest platform, the GKUI cloud has been upgraded to an AI cloud, GKUI mobile phone inspired desktop has been upgraded to a smart desktop which utilizes AI to intuitively configure itself depending on the user’s needs, GKUI One-ID has been upgraded to all-round ID with support for different application ecosystems from GKUI’s eco-partners, and GKUI ecosystem has been upgraded with a developer platform allowing greater integration across the internet. GKUI is now able to connect seamlessly with Xiaomi smart devices, Baidu smart devices, smart devices and other smart devices allowing users to control their home or office appliances from their car.

As a technology company strategically invested in by Geely, ECARX has been focused on creating a new smart Internet of Vehicle ecology. Based on the concept of bringing the internet into the car, ECARX aims to offer the best intelligent cockpit experience to owners. With an advanced and open eco-platform, ECARX breaks the barriers throughout the internet and achieves cross-border integration and strategic cooperation with Internet giants such as Baidu and Tencent.

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