Maserati Levante & Ghibli Gain F Tributo Special Editions

These two limited editions are to commemorate Fangio’s past F1 victories with Maserati. 

While Maserati may not have been in the motorsports spotlight much these days, the premium Italian automaker still very much likes to remind all of us on occasion of its glorious racing heritage back in the day. The most recent example of which is evidenced with the launch of the F Tributo Special Edition Levante and Ghibli at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. 

Unveiled to commemorate the many motorsports victories by legendary F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio behind the wheel of the Maserati 250 F, the timing of this launch too couldn’t come at a better time. That is because the 25th of April (this Sunday) marks the date where the first car bearing the Trident on its bonnet first burst onto the racing scene some 95 years ago, with the Tipo26 driven by Alfieri Maserati incidentally also winning the 1,500 cc class at the Targa Florio on its maiden debut.

Speaking more specifically about these commemorative cars, these tributes to Fangio are in essence however no more than just mild aesthetic makeovers over the standard Levante and Ghibli. Having said that, these F Tributo special edition cars do indeed look rather striking in the two exclusive Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo exterior hues. 

With the red the colour of Italian motorsports and the blue a nod to the city of Modena, the home of Maserati, these brightly coloured almost satin-like paint jobs featured on the exterior of these special edition Maseratis is further complemented too by bright yellow brake calipers hidden behind the 21-inch wheels on both models. Supposedly a callback to Fangio’s distinctive red and yellow livery on his 250 F, other exterior enhancements made to the F Tributo Levante and Ghibli include ‘a specific badge in glossy black on the wheel arch and the trident logo in body colour on the C- pillar’. 

Moving onto the interior, the yellow highlights from the outside is continued within with the contrast stitching on with the black full-grain “Pieno Fiore” leather-lined cabin. For those who think this is all a bit too vibrant though, there is also an option to have the stitching in a more traditional Rosso (read: red) colour. 

The F Tributo special edition of the Levante and Ghibli is to be available on the standard and S trim levels of both those cars. Featuring a 345 hp and 424 hp twin-turbocharged V6 respectively, prices in the UK for these two commemorative Maseratis begin from £91,885 (RM 525,000) for the SUV and £87,565 (RM 500,000) for the sedan.

Press Release: Motorsports in its genes, power rooted in the spirit of pure competition, unprecedented wins and unrivalled achievements, Maserati celebrates its racing past with F Tributo Special Edition.

Maserati’s racing debut was exactly 95 years ago; it was on 25 April 1926 that the first racing car to bear the Trident on its bonnet, the Tipo26, won the 1,500 cc class at the Targa Florio with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel.

28 years later, on 17 January 1954, Maserati made its debut in F1 and entered the pinnacle of world motorsports with the 250F driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. An iconic partnership, crowned by many victories, which Maserati is commemorating today in a fitting tribute.

The Brand’s history in competition and its connection with the racing world inspired the new F Tributo Special Edition, which received its world premiere at Shanghai Auto Show 2021.

F for Fangio, the driver who made his mark on an Era. Tributo, in clear homage to the glorious victories of the past.

The special series is available on Ghibli and Levante in two exclusive colours – Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo – and evokes Maserati’s audacious spirit in this sporty version alluring in both looks and details.

The reference to the glorious past is obvious even from the exterior. Red is the colour of Italian motorsports, and historically Maserati cars always raced in paintwork of this hue, which represented Italy in motor racing in the early years of the last century.

The bright, vibrant blue of Azzurro Tributo, on the other hand, reminds us that blue is one of the colours (together with yellow) of the City of Modena, the Brand’s historic home.

There are further references to Fangio’s 250F, which had a distinctive red and yellow livery, in the yellow brake calipers and the wheel trims.

To complete the exterior look, Levante F Tributo is fitted with Anteo 21” wheels in Black and Ghibli F Tributo with 21” Titano wheels in glossy black. There is a specific badge in glossy black on the wheel arch and the trident logo in body colour on the C- pillar.

Finally, the shades of the exterior details are reflected on the interior in the red or yellow stitching combined with the Black full-grain “Pieno Fiore” leather.

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