Aviation-Inspired BMW Rnine T by Zillers Garage

The BMW Rnine T standard motorcycle has always been a favourite of custom builders looking to flex their creative muscles on one of the Motorrad range. However, some builders really do take customisation to the next level, and the bike you see here is one such case. 

Commissioned by BMW Motorrad Russia, this Tron light cycle-esque bike is built by Dmitry Golubchikov of Zillers Garage. A previous AMD bike building championship winner, this solo artist has turned the retro styled BMW roadster into this sleek aviation inspired showpiece. 

Underneath the curvaceous yet sleek body, it is impossible to tell that beneath it all lies a 2016 BMW Rnine T. Entirely wrapped in hand-forged aluminium panels, you can just see the aluminium heads of the air cooled flat twin boxer 1,170 cc engine poking out from the sides of this pod shaped bike. 

The sci-fi aviation theme of this custom is continued with the enclosed handlebars and the lack of any visible gauge cluster or windscreen. 

A Motogadget Motoscope mini speedometer sits within the arch atop the handlebars, along with a set of seamlessly integrated push buttons that controls the custom fabricated mono LED headlight and taillight. Four LED indicators on each end has been made to look like rivets to blend in with the aircraft inspired theme. 

For added flair and flamboyance, this cyberpunk BMW does not rest on any side or centre stands. Instead, the bike rests on its belly pan. The shot you see below is the bike in its parked state. A set of buttons on the handlebar hump controls the pneumatic system to raise the bike when it is time to ride. Not the most practical of solutions, but it’s one hell of a party trick. 

It’s not all style however for this show bike, there is some practicality built into this retro-futuristic bike too, with the tail hump containing a slide out compartment that houses a USB charger along with a battery charging socket.

Nearly everything on display is built from scratch. This includes the beautifully crafted stainless steel two into one exhaust that emerges in a single muffler on the left. There is also an all new wiring loom too to control the added electrical features like the handcrafted pneumatic lift system.  The custom work even extends to the hydraulic clutch and brake master cylinder, not to mention the custom foot controls and clip ons. 

The icing on the cake would be the 18’ machine aluminium turbine inspired wheels, that will legally be able to turn on public roads thanks to the license plate mount on the swing arm out back. 

Although painted in a muted battleship grey throughout the bike, only broken up giant BMW roundel and the subtle light grey pin striping, riding this custom Rnine T down the highway will definitely not stop people from ogling at it as you fly past. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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