Cupra’s DarkRebel Is A Strikingly-Styled Sports Car Concept

This angular DarkRebel concept apparently is meant to showcase Cupra’s future design direction. 

With models like the ID.3-based Born and Formentor in its lineup, it could therefore be said that Cupra is not a brand shy of making cars that catch the eye. But even its current striking designs will likely look almost bland and boring, if the Spanish automaker’s new DarkRebel sports car concept really does point to what its next-generation lineup will look like. 

Measuring in at almost 4.5 metres long and 2.2 metres wide, its dimensions alone already makes the DarkRebel a hard thing to not notice. Add in the fact that this particular concept was also painted in a unique shade of dark violet too, and it was likely for only the blind to not immediately sense the presence of this sports car. It is however likely that the mad, mad designers at Cupra thought this would be the one and only chance that they’ll be let completely off the leash, to be the reason as to why this concept sports car looks as bonkers as it is. 

Starting from the front, the DarkRebel looks to have been partially plunged into a giant shredder, given the number of sharp edges it has just on the front bumper alone. The shredder too has apparently had a go at its wheels too, with its massive bronze-accented alloys featuring numerous slashes along its spokes. 

The shredder however appears to have given way to a pair of sharp scissors, as the side of the DarkRebel is adorned with some admittedly beautiful complex creases that adorns its door panel. This concept sports car’s swoopy side profile is then further accentuated by some mean and muscular rear haunches, before being topped off by an oversized rear spoiler that stretches out from its Shooting Brake-styled hatch. 

And right beneath said rear spoiler is a full-width LED light bar and illuminated Cupra logo, which mimics the triangular light signature up front. The rear of the DarkRebel is then finally capped off with a massive rear diffuser that won’t look out of place on a Formula 1 car.  

Now moving on inside, the DarkRebel’s two-seat layout features a base-less steering wheel and full-width holographic display screen, which serves as a nod to this sports car original online unveiling that occurred earlier this year. The steering wheel (and crystal gear lever) meanwhile is embedded onto a central hollowed spine structure, which was produced using 3D metal printing technology. 

Due to the DarkRebel being just solely a concept, there has unfortunately not been concrete technical details released regarding this sports car’s all-electric powertrain. The Spanish automaker has also since confirmed that a production version will also be highly unlikely, but its general design will nevertheless be incorporated onto its future lineup. So prepare then for some really funky cars from Cupra in the upcoming years. 

Joshua Chin

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