Chery Eyes Malaysia To Become Its Right Hand Drive Hub

This comes amid plans from Chery to establish dedicated R&D centres within the country. 

Chery Malaysia has recently reiterated its intention to deepen its integration into the Malaysian economy with ambitious plans from establishing a local production facility to introducing research and development centres in the country, in working towards the eventual goal of making Malaysia its right-hand drive hub.

“While China operates with left-hand drive vehicles, Malaysia offers a unique opportunity to serve right-hand drive markets. We are very interested in expanding our business here and Malaysia could be our right-hand drive hub,” reiterated Zhang Guibing, President of Chery International, during his recent visit over here for the launch the Chery Corporate Malaysia plant in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The Chinese automaker has touted plans to explore the potential of exporting vehicles assembled over here to neighbouring right-hand-drive countries, leveraging Malaysia’s strategic location and robust automotive ecosystem. Mr. Zhang stated that Chery’s long-term vision includes ensuring that local partners are content and engaged, creating significant job opportunities for Malaysians and introducing new technologies to the local market.

These efforts, Mr. Zhang added would further strengthen the overall foundation of Chery’s operations in Malaysia, ensuring a high standard of quality and efficiency that will ultimately build lasting customer trust in the brand.

Chery’s Billion-Ringgit Local Investment

News of this expansion in its operations are to be backed by Chery’s significant investment into the country, with the Chinese automaker having previously pledged RM 1 billion to support Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030 back in November last year. 

Now among the more headline-grabbing results of this investment recently is for Chery’s new assembly plant in Shah Alam to have generated 500 new jobs, with the goal of increasing to at least 1,000 employment opportunities in the future. By partnering with local vendors and suppliers, the Chinese automaker also currently aims to reduce component costs, and effectively challenging the notion that local suppliers cannot meet international standards.

“With over 100 showroom and service centres across the country, Chery is able to offer even more job opportunities to the local community. This strategic investment will not only benefit Chery as a company but also the labour force in Malaysia,” shared Tengku Zafrul, Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry.

New Chery SUVs For Olympic Medallists

Aside from investing in the industrial side of things in Malaysia, Chery has also put some thought (and money) into cultivating its positive image with Malaysians too. This has therefore culminated recently with the Chinese automaker announcing that it will be will be rewarding Malaysian medal winners from the upcoming Paris Games with brand new SUVs.

Malaysian bronze medallists at the upcoming Olympics will be rewarded with the newly-unveiled Tiggo 7 Pro, while silver medallists will come home to the all-electric Omoda E5. Those who clinch Malaysia’s first-ever gold meanwhile will be given a Tiggo 8 Pro. 

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