Bugatti Chiron Production Is Soon To Come To An End

Only 40 more of the 500 build slots are left to be allocated for this ultimate Bugatti hypercar. 

Just four short years after the first Chiron has left its Molsheim Atelier back in March of 2017, Bugatti has recently announced that production of the successor to its Veyron will soon be coming to an end. 

Bugatti though is naturally to be sending the Chiron off with a bang, as the boutique hypercar manufacturer is set to produce only the Pur Sport and Super Sport variants from here on out. 40 of which are incidentally still apparently available to be custom commissioned, with these remaining orders set to neatly round off the 500 unit production run of what many will undoubtably perceive to be the swan-song of the ICE hypercar era. 

And while on the topic of orders meanwhile, it would look as if the current Covid crisis hasn’t put many potential owners off from their intentions on purchasing a Chiron. That is as the French hypercar marque has also recently announced that it had witnessed a record-breaking sales quarter this past three months of 2021, with bookings doubling in the United States (Bugatti’s strongest market) and supposedly even tripling in some other regions. 

Having said that, Chiron uptake has amazingly been rather consistent throughout the years in any case. 300 of the 500 series run had allocated for in just the first 18 months since Bugatti made its initial sales announcement after all, though it is worth noting that said 300th unit — a Pur Sport — only left its French factory earlier this year. 

This thus means that while Bugatti claims it is winding down production on the Chiron, it will however be a long time coming before the curtain actually falls on this 300+ mph (490 km/h) capable hypercar. And if the prior statements from its new owners Rimac are anything to go by too, it is also almost certain that something equally as fast and exciting (but at the same time electrified) will be wearing that stylised EB badge soon enough. 

Getting back on topic though to the 40 cars that are still unallocated for and just delving deeper into their tech specs for those not up to par on their Bugatti knowledge, the Pur Sport is deemed to be the more handling-focused variant of the Chiron lineup. In achieving this objective therefore, this particular flavour comes as standard with a 50 kg weight reduction, a firmer suspension setup, and a massive 1.9 metre rear wing. 

For those who want the last word in power however, the Super Sport will naturally be the one to go for. Gaining an extra 100 PS and a new long tail aero aesthetic from the stock Chiron, its 1,600 PS 8.0-liter quad turbocharged W16 can now barrel this Bugatti to a claimed top speed of up to 440 km/h. 

PRESS RELEASE: Four years since the very first of 500 bespoke units left the Atelier in Molsheim, the Chiron now enters its final production phase in Chiron Pur Sport and Chiron Super Sport form only, with less than 40 build slots left to be allocated. The final units of the Chiron and Chiron Sport are already being handcrafted, or scheduled to be built at Bugatti’s Molsheim Atelier, making way for the final encore of the Chiron era.

Since its highly anticipated reveal at the Geneva International Motorshow in 2016, the global success of Bugatti’s most recent hyper sports car platform has been unprecedented. 18 months from its initial announcement, 300 of the limited 500 series run of the Chiron had been sold. This sales momentum has continued throughout the years and into 2021, despite global challenges such as COVID-19. The United States is the Chiron’s strongest market, contributing significantly to a record-breaking quarter in Q3, which welcomed Chiron sales that doubled year-on-year and even tripled in some regions.

With the revival of in-person events such as Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a range of exclusive customer and media drive events, the Chiron continues to help drive Bugatti’s momentum, attracting universal acclaim, as the model becomes an increasingly rare proposition.

Hendrik Malinowski, Director of Sales and Operations, comments: “Our discerning customer base across the world consists of true Bugatti connoisseurs. They are hard-working, self-made individuals who regard owning one or multiple Bugatti masterpieces as the realization of a dream. They understand the devotion behind the pioneering design and engineering of each Chiron model. Their appreciation for the provenance and performance of our hyper sports cars comes from a genuine passion for the brand.

“With the Chiron Pur Sport and Super Sport, we are offering customers the culmination of years of continual development of the Chiron platform. This spectrum of performance, whether it be hitting the apex on-track, or cruising on Autobahns in total luxury, takes the Chiron to an entirely new level. Now with so few build slots remaining, the purity of the W16 recipe is being honored in style.”

Hitting the ground running

Throughout its lifetime, the Chiron has collected a multitude of accolades for its design and performance capabilities, solidifying its position in automotive history as one of the all-time greats. With a peak power output of 1,500 PS – a record for a series-production vehicle – 1,600 newton meters and a host of surplus technological innovations, the Chiron redefined the pinnacle of automotive engineering in the 2010s. Sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, 200 km/h is reached in 6.1 seconds, with the 300 km/h mark achieved in 13.1 seconds.

The Chiron wasted no time in securing its first production car record in 2017, setting a new 0-400-0 km/h world record in a mere 41.96 seconds – the fastest time ever reached and officially measured at the time. Continuing a run of unrelenting success, just two years later, the Chiron reached speeds once through to be unreachable by a road car. A near production prototype derivative of the hyper sports car surpassed the magic 300 mph limit with a speed of 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h) – a world record that stunned the automotive world and secured the Chiron’s status as an unquestionable automotive legend.

Building on a winning formula

Joining the Chiron family in 2020, the Chiron Pur Sport built upon the exceptional Chiron foundation to offer customers a truly uncompromising hyper sports car that is optimized for dynamic agility and downforce. With an entirely new aerodynamic, transmission and weight configuration, the Chiron Pur Sport effortlessly delivers the pin-sharp handling of a thoroughbred, hitting apexes in its stride. A 50-kilogram weight reduction and firmer suspension, combined with a 1.90 meter rear wing and close-ratio transmission mean the Chiron Pur Sport radiates connection and feel between driver and road surface.

2021 saw the unveiling of Bugatti’s latest masterpiece – the Chiron Super Sport – which alongside the Pur Sport will make up the final 40 units of Bugatti’s 500-strong Chiron production run. As the quintessence of luxury and speed, the Chiron Super Sport has been designed to embrace supreme longitudinal speed without compromising luxury and comfort.

As such, the Chiron Super Sport is regarded as the ultimate Grand Tourisme, capable of crossing continents in a heartbeat. Defined by its longtail design, the Super Sport achieves extreme levels of aerodynamic efficiency, enabling the hyper sports car to reach speeds of up to 440 km/h. With an upgraded version of the renowned Bugatti 8.0-liter W16 engine, the Super Sport outputs 1,600PS – increasing power by 100PS over the base Chiron.

Significant Chiron milestones:

March, 2017

First Chiron customer deliveries take place following its global unveiling at Geneva International Motorshow in 2016.

May, 2018

100th Chiron is delivered to a customer in the Middle East.

February, 2020

250th Chiron produced as limited production run of 500 units enters second half.

March, 2021

300th Chiron leaves the Atelier in Molsheim – a Pur Sport as one of just 60 vehicles.

November, 2021

Chiron Pur Sport and Super Sport to round off Chiron family production as final 40 units.

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