BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X Is A Hint At The Next-Gen iX3

The shrunken shnoz on this BMW Vision Neue Klasse X hides a heap load more tech under its skin. 

Following shortly on from its Vision Neue Klasse concept last year that showcased what the next-gen 3-Series will look like, BMW has since showcased what the next-gen iX3 will look like with the recent reveal of its Vision Neue Klasse X. So what can be expected from the upcoming round of e-SUV offerings from the German marque?

Starting with its looks first, BMW has described the design language of this concept as being “pared-down”, with it having certainly done just that to the size of the Vision Neue Klasse X’s shnoz, which is the smallest it has been in years. The thin kidneys on its face nevertheless still retain some modern-era gimmicks, with these illuminated units having been flanked by a set of rather massive (and admittedly rather sleek) headlights with vertical LED elements to complete its shark-nosed aesthetic up front.  

Moving down the side meanwhile, the Vision Neue Klasse X retains more conventional profile that is not all too different to the current iX. Don’t expect for those cool door handles that pop out from the lower edge of its rather low window-line to make it into production, though those massive futuristic-looking polygonal taillights on its boxy rump (which incidentally is not too dissimilar to those on the current i7) looks almost production-spec already.  

As for what lies under its skin, BMW has not gone into the specifics yet of this concept’s motive capabilities are yet. All Neue Klasse EVs were however previously claimed to be running on an 800 V platform capable of adding 300 km of range from a 10-minute charge, with the German marque also teasing 30% improvement in range from its new sixth-generation eDrive motor system. 

What BMW has been more than keen to tout instead with this Neue Klasse X concept is the introduction of its new ‘super brains’. An advanced new software stack running on four high-performance computers – this setup has been claimed by the automaker for an up to 10 times bump in the computing power of a conventional ECU while being smaller and lighter than what came before. 

BMW goes into further detail by stating that its superbrain used to process driver assistance features could so more than five times faster than the current technology, while further promising that the superior processing power enables its ‘Heart of Joy’ superbrain (which controls all the car’s dynamic functions) to unlock more dynamism with its EV driving experience. This bold statement is backed up some more by the ability of this new software stack to cope with up to 4 drive motors, which may just be what is powering the M cars of the near future. 

And of course, all this additional computing power has also been put to work in managing all the tech BMW has stuffed into this concept. Among the more is outlandish of which is a full-width Panoramic Vision display at the base of the windshield that displays vehicle information and parallelogram-shaped central infotainment screen, along with its HyPersonX steering wheel that features the haptic buttons on this ultra-minimalistic dashboard.

Just finishing on the eco front with this EV, it is perhaps worth highlighting too for this particular concept to feature an interior incorporating a new plant-based material that has been sustainably developed and is free of petroleum. In place of the cladding traditionally used on the side skirts and front and rear aprons on its exterior too, BMW has substituted parts made from recycled mono-materials, which will be more cost-effective to replace if damaged and can then be recycled for future reuse.

This first batch of these next-gen iX3s will be going into production at BMW’s Debrecen plant in Hungary in 2025, following on from the aforementioned Vision Neue Klasse-based next-gen 3-Series sedans. In total, BMW plans to debut 6 models from its Vision Neue Klasse family into its showrooms between 2025 and 2027. 

Taking a little bit more space at the end here for a quick history lesson, BMW calling these class of EVs Neue Klasse has rather bold naming choice for the automaker, and signifies their rather ambitious aim with to totally reinvent of what a BMW should be in this EV era. Such is as the prior time this name was used in BMW-land was when the company saved itself from extinction with a class of car that included the legendary BMW 2002.  

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