BMW Motorrad Gives 5- Years Warranty For Helmets  

BMW Malaysia has just released this news that they are extending the warranty of helmets sold by them to 60 months. In effect the terms say that the previous warranty of 24 months is now made even better with additional 36 months, but the conditions set seem a little worrying as usual wear and tear, scratches on visor, sun visor, helmet shell or plastic parts are not covered by this extended warranty. This means, the offer and news release is really of no value to a current BMW helmet owner and also new owners might as well look elsewhere if they really want a quality helmet.

Why, well if the helmet cracks under pressure, there is a good chance that the user has had a bad accident and claiming warranty will be of little value.

BMW Motorrad battery warranty

This new warranty extension is a BMW global initiative as it was first released by BMW Munich on May 7th 2020, while Malaysia was in Covid-19 lockdown.

PRESS RELEASE: BMW Motorrad Malaysia have introduced new extended warranty coverage programs for authorised BMW motorcycles, along with a 5-year warranty extension for BMW Helmets.

Owen Riley, Head of BMW Motorrad Malaysia said: “As we move into the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), motorcycle fans and enthusiasts can get back to convoy riding to Make Life a Ride. In doing so, we at BMW Motorrad Malaysia are ensuring that riders received the complete premium ownership experience, tailoring our premium services to fit every situation and need, especially the times we are in. We are excited to welcome our motorcycle enthusiasts back on the road with a special range of programmes for warranty, batteries and helmets.”

BMW Motorrrad helmet warranty

BMW Motorrad Malaysia is extending its warranty coverage until 1st June 2020 for authorised BMW motorcycles that had warranties that were set to expire between 18th March 2020 and 1st May 2020. The warranty coverages also applies for parts. All warranty terms and conditions remain unchanged.

To serve owners who may have encountered battery-issues following the MCO period, BMW Motorrad Malaysia also announced a special campaign to offer customers an attractively revised price range for selected BMW Motorcycle batteries and battery chargers. This campaign runs from now until 10th July 2020.

Embracing the BMW Motorrad Ride and Style expression, the existing two-year warranty for all helmets in the BMW Motorrad product range will be extended to five years. The start of validity of the warranty extension is 1st January 2020 retroactively. The BMW Helmet five-year warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects of the product.

The BMW Motorrad warranty extension for helmets excludes the BMW Motorrad communication systems, damage caused by an accident, improper treatment, and inappropriate installation of third party equipment systems and accessories. Usual wear and tear, scratches on visor, sun visor, helmet shell or plastic parts are also not covered by the warranty.

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