Is BLUE the new car colour of choice in 2019

We have been noticing the past few months the colour BLUE becoming the colour of choice for many new car launches overseas and even more so in brochures, communication material and advertisements. Every year there seems to be a new signature colour for car brands and the car brands will use their signature colour in all their communication materials and advertising. From the car showroom perspective, this is one of the biggest choices car buyers can make. It is something most of us spend a lot of time deciding over, staring endlessly at brochures or clicking constantly at the online configurator. For years, the top colours have therefore been seen as a reflection of the buyers mood or it was the decision of the mass population.
All shades of BLUE
If most car buyers picked white, then white it is. If silver was decided as the colour to show a clean car, then silver was the choice by the masses. Then comes the used car dealers intervention. If used car dealers say that black commands better value, then the buyers next car purchase will be in black. This has been the way Malaysians pick their new car colour for years and only in recent years this has changed and car brands have had to invest in paint shop expansions to cater to more colour choices.
Today we see more vibrant colours in showrooms and brochures and it reflects the mood of the nation.

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