Aprilia Tuono 660 Now Officially Available In Malaysia

This new naked bike from Aprilia retails locally for RM 77,900. 

Following on from the local debut of the Aprilia RS 660, Didi Resources Sdn Bhd have since recently unveiled the Tuono 660 over here in Malaysia too. Essentially the naked bike equivalent to the Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s aforementioned middleweight segment offering, this latest addition to its lineup locally currently retails for RM 77,900. 

As with all naked bikes, the Tuono 660 naturally gains some additional aggressive-looking exterior add-ons and sheds some bodywork to better differentiate itself from its fully-faired counterpart. There is no doubt however that both bikes are nevertheless closely related, mainly due to the fact that this naked equivalent still features the same double-fairing elements and the triple LED headlamp unit with integrated DRLs alá RS 660. 

Additionally, the Tuono 660 retains much the same underpinnings as its RS 660 sibling. Sharing not only the its die-cast aluminium frame and swingarm, but its front and rear adjustable Kayaba suspension system (though with a different setup) and even its 660 cc DOHC liquid-cooled parallel twin power plant too. 

Euro-5 compliant and featuring a 270º combustion timing which produces that characterful V-Twin burble, it is worth pointing out that the more street-focused Aprilia middleweight offering has been toned down a tad bit in this department from its RS 660 sibling. Hence maximum power is only rated at 94 PS for the Tuono 660, as opposed to 101 PS for the fully-faired counterpart. 

Despite being down on power however, the Tuono 660 does nevertheless have some performance advantages over its more racy sibling. Such is exemplified by the shorter final drive ratio that is exclusive to this naked bike, which improves overall response and acceleration. 

Tipping the scales at 183 kg too, Aprilia also claims that the Tuono 660 has the best power-to-weight ratio in its segment. Though for those who are perhaps moving up from smaller engine capacity bikes and want something a little more easier to ride, there is incidentally a lesser-powered 35 kW variant available too. 

Continuing on the topic of being easier to ride, this is in fact one of the main aims that Aprilia is wishing to execute with this latest offering. To that end therefore, taller riser bares replace the clip-on units on the RS 660. The Tuono 660 also features lower footpegs capped in rubber to soak up vibrations and a different front fork offset in order to give it a more relaxed riding position. 

In terms of riding tech meanwhile, the Tuono 660 comes packed with all the same safety aids as per its RS 660 sibling. Made possible thanks to the standard Ride-by-Wire electronic accelerator, the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) electronic controls suite brings with it multi-level traction control, anti wheelie control, cruise control, engine brake and selectable engine maps. 

Switchable ABS is available too, as are 5 riding modes: three for the road (Commute, Dynamic and Individual) and two for the track (Challenge and Time Attack). These ride mode presets can all be customised through the full-colour TFT instrument display, which can be linked to smartphones via the Aprilia MIA application. 

The Aprilia Tuono 660 is currently only available locally in the sole colour option of Concept Black. More information regarding this latest naked bike from Noale can be found in the press release below. 

PRESS RELEASE: Didi Resources Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor for Aprilia bikes in Malaysia, launched the highly anticipated new Aprilia Tuono 660 which takes the legendary Aprilia Tuono V4 into the medium engine capacity segment. Worthy child of the unbeatable Tuono V4 1100, the new Tuono 660 combines manageable power and light weight, for great performance available to all, refined chassis architect and an electronic controls package derived directly from the Tuono V4. Aprilia Tuono 660 embraces the concepts of sporty versatility, ease and fun that Aprilia is introducing for a new generation of riding enthusiasts. 

Aprilia Tuono 660 also shares the primary project objective with RS 660: creating a bike with an extraordinary weight/power ratio: 183 kg kerb weight for 95 CV of power. A category record, which represents the ideal formula for fun on the road, accessible to everyone. Tuono 660 is dedicated to new riders, since it is also available in the 35 kW version, but also for younger riders who are moving up from smaller engine capacities looking for a high-level sport naked that can provide fun on the road and is also ready to support the rider on the occasional track day. 

Tuono 660 has that same aggressive and sporty style as the Tuono family, standing out for its reduced surface dimensions that enhance that dynamic and sporty character it has, even when its parked. Like the RS 660, the new Tuono also adopts the innovative concept of the double fairing with aerodynamic appendix function, born out of increasingly more in-depth research in the wind tunnel, as well as the triple LED headlight unit featuring DRL lights. 

Tuono 660 boasts a magnificent structure committed to light weight made up of the frame and swingarm, both in die-cast aluminium. The adjustable Kayaba suspension system has a dedicated set-up. The high handlebar and the chassis architecture measurements differentiate Tuono 660 from the RS, benefiting total control, responsiveness and agile handling, thanks to a different offset of the fork plate. 

The engine is used as a bearing element and contributes to forming a compact, lightweight and stiff structure. The latest generation forward-facing twin cylinder, small and lightweight, is a child of the experience gained on the powerful Aprilia V4, from which its construction philosophy and basic technical concepts are drawn. 

The 270° combustion timing allows that character and grit that riders love so much to be achieved. The final drive is shorter than that of the RS 660, privileging responsiveness and quickness. 

Its electronics are top of the class, more advanced than various superbike class bikes: the Ride-by-Wire electronic accelerator provides the best management of the APRC electronic controls suite that includes multi-level traction control, anti wheelie control, cruise control, engine brake and selectable engine maps, also joined by the ABS system. To easily manage all the electronic controls through the colour TFT instrumentation, Aprilia has fine tuned five Riding Modes (three dedicated to road riding and two for the track): the rider just needs to choose the option that best interprets his or her riding style, always leaving the possibility of customising them. 

Tuono 660 is now available in Concept Black with the selling price of RM 77,900. 

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