8 reasons why accident damaged cars never get fixed right

Remember the last time you had a car accident? Remember the workshop that promised to have your car returned to you looking like it never had an accident at all? Remember the insurance company adjuster reassuring you on the phone that all the parts damaged will be changed for new parts? Well……did all the mentioned points above get done right?

We do not think so and here are 8 reasons why workshops in Malaysia continue to make lots of profit at the expense of car owners who pay insurance premiums every year because they need to drive their cars.

  1. Very often they use junkyard parts……but they show the Insurance adjusters new parts when they come in for inspection.
  2. Damaged cars sit in an open yard with no cover and are subjected to rain and dirt coming inside the cabin.
  3. Sometimes parts (perfect condition) are interchanged by workers for old used parts before Insurance adjusters can inspect the cars.
  4. The older the car, the less emphasis is put on a good paint repair job.
  5. They try and ‘persuade’ the accident damaged car owners to ‘top up’ some money to get a better job done.
  6. Insurance companies cannot 100% control their adjusters from making deals with the workshops owners.
  7. The car owner has no car to use and wants the car back fast……so workshops can push them to accept shoddy workmanship.
  8. Without legal assistance, many owners just accept their cars and try and sell them off quickly after that…. accepting the loss.

‘Authorized’ car repair workshop is another name for ‘instant riches’ business. Yes, running an authorized car repair workshop today and tomorrow will guarantee handsome rewards for the owner and misery for the car owners who are forced to deal with them. Insurance companies are also at their mercy as they need the cars repaired for their clients to be back on the road.

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