6 Undergound, the movie has a Alfa Guilia as its hero

This is a new Netflix movie that has been getting great reviews around Asia and even a little beyond and it is not because of the non-stop action or the sexy women or even the familiar faces in the cast. Its a car!

Yes, there are some great car movies like the ‘Fast & Furious’ and the recent ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ but we know that the driving stunts in both these movies were so unreal and the speeds and corners they took were rather impossible in real driving life.

6 Underground the movie

So we watched ‘6 Undergound’ last night and the movie opens with a car chase scene just after 5 minutes from the start showing a lime green Alfa Guilia Quadrifoglio with the ‘good guys’ being chased by an army of bad guys in various cars and motorcycles around the tight streets of Florence Italy.

6 Underground the movie

This is a must watch movie for the car enthusiasts and also the action thriller lover. Directed by Michael Bay, this is not by any means a low budget movie on Netflix as the cars destroyed and the action scenes damages are not low rent.

6 Underground the movie

This 2019 year end American action thriller film directed by Michael Bay and written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese has already gotten the top spot in in Asia for Netflix movies and its popularity is set to rise as movie critics around the region are all giving it a thumbs up.

The 20 plus minutes’ car chase scene in this USD150 million movie had some 27 vehicle destroyed. There were 20 cars from BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti and also Chrysler completely totalled and 2 motorcycles were torn apart and 4 Vespa scooters were completely destroyed.

6 Underground the movie

Of course there was plenty of damages along the way for street vendors, outdoor restaurants, building pillars, plants and so on.

6 Underground the movie

The movie plot will not be shared by us as you need to watch it to really appreciate the storyline which to us is not the most interesting, but apart from the non stop car chase scene, this is an action flick that will sit side by side with Transformers and the Fast and Furious franchise for non-stop edge of your seat entertainment with sexy women included.

Malaysian and ASEAN car enthusiast will be able to spot all the cars damaged in this movie and those owning the cars will be able to relate to the speed and dynamics of the cars as they race along the narrow and tight streets of Florence.

Watch and enjoy this movie and like us, you will want to watch it again soon.

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