This BMW X5 Driver Seems To Have A Problem Parking

The words to describe this particular parking job goes somewhere along lines of big car, small brain.

Ladies and gentleman, gather round once again as we witness another magnificent specimen of a Malaysian Parking Idiot. Though perhaps not as rare as it ought to be, the sight of such a majestic display of parking prowess should nevertheless be shared for all the world to admire whenever one is spotted. 

Spotted recently at the basement carpark of CITTA mall, the subject of this particular irresponsible bit of parking was a grey BMW X5. By the looks of it, the driver of this large luxury SUV has just vaguely whacked their car into the middle spot, and had conveniently not noticed that a good chunk of the right side of their ginormous vehicle has spilled over to the adjacent bay. 

Now granted, we do not know the motivations behind the driver of this X5 who decided it was ok to perform such an inconsiderate parking act. Maybe they were in a rush? To add to that, considering that this parking space was near the supermarket entrance, perhaps they were just in for a quick grocery grab-and-dash?

Whatever the reason however, it shouldn’t actually excuse this piss-poor parking job does it? I mean, as any responsible person, could you really stand back and say that this parking job that you’ve done is acceptable in civilised society? 

Moreover, it is not as if this tech-laden X5 doesn’t have an array of gadgets and gizmos to help one easily park their luxo SUV within the confines of the parking space. Looking at the specs of this model, it appears to even have a 360º surround view camera. So there should be no technical rationale therefore as to why the driver of this particular BMW can’t park within the yellow lines like everybody else. 

Continuing the topic of excuses, seeing as the X5 spilled over into the bay to its right, there really is no defence for the driver to say that they did not ‘notice’ that were straddling two parking spots. Because it should be quite apparent to them when they step out of the car. 

If however this driver really did not notice that, or perhaps they really do a larger parking spot for their large car, there is actually a parking space for that might fit your purposes. Even better still too, these spots are usually the closest to the entrance of most establishments, and are usually empty. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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