Tesla Recalls Cybertruck For Failing Wiper Motors & Loose Trim

This is to be the fourth time Tesla is recalling its Cybertruck since its initial launch late last year. 

While Tesla’s new Cybertruck certainly sports a few rough edges in the form of its blocky exterior aesthetic, it unfortunately also seems to be rough around the edges when it comes to build quality and product design. Such is as the EV automaker has announced yet another recall for its stainless steel-clad all-electric pickup, with the issues (plural!) this time being wiper motors that fail and trim pieces that are falling off. 

Now according to documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by Tesla, this now fourth round of recalls for the Cybertruck is to affect 11,688 units that were manufactured from between November 13th, 2023, to June 6th, 2024. Though given that series production only began late last year, this recall essentially affects ALL examples of this all-electric pickup ever made. 

Delving into the issues at hand meanwhile, the recall document states has stated the front windshield wiper motor controller of its Cybertruck ‘may stop functioning due to electrical overstress to the gate driver component’. Funnily enough, the report actually then goes on to add that ‘a non-functioning windshield wiper may reduce visibility in certain operating conditions, which may increase the risk of a collision’.

These all-electric pickups currently run one single oversized wiper to keep its massive flat windshield clean, with the current motor used to actuate this comically large item evidently not being up to the job thus far. Tesla nevertheless has added that it is currently not aware of any collisions, injuries, or deaths relating to the issue.

The automaker apparently first learned of the potential issue in early February, when Tesla Service identified wiper motor failures on certain Cybertrucks. The automaker had recovered 20 motors for its engineers to analyse over the next few months, with the eventual cause of the problem being identified to Tier 2 supplier having applied excessive current to the component during a functional test that damaged the motor’s circuit board.

As for the other fault that the Cybertruck has been issued a recall for, this relates to a trim piece along the truck bed can come loose and fly off. Tesla has stated in its documents that the sail appliqué piece is currently installed with adhesive, and that it may not have been adhered properly at the factory.

In terms of how Tesla is aiming to rectify these problems on the other hand, it has stated that it will be offering a complimentary replacement of the wiper motors, and replace or rework the trim piece so it stays on the affected Cybertrucks. Owners will be notified by letter regarding these recalls by August 18th, or through the automaker’s smartphone app.

Tesla has previously recalled all of the Cybertrucks it sold in April 2024 due to accelerator pad issues, with the fix to this issue coming by (the unsightly) way of drilling a hole at the base of the pedal and securing the pad to the pedal with a rivet. Owners of this futuristic-looking all-electric pickup have since also been vocal on the Internet complaining about a host of other issues, which ranges from its aero wheel trim gashing its tyres to a tendency of it bricking itself after car washes.

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