1 of 125 Koenigsegg Jesko Currently Resides In Singapore

This particular Swedish-themed Jesko Attack also makes for the 5th Koenigsegg registered in Singapore. 

While Singapore’s tininess and fantastic public transit system has lead many to eschew car ownership, there are nevertheless more than a few over there who still have petrol running through their veins. And it just so happens too that some within this admittedly small car-mad crowd has more than enough cash to splash out on something rather cool, like a Koenigsegg Jesko for instance. 

Yes, in what has caused quite a stir on a tiny section of the internet lately, there is now to be a Jesko in Singapore. Spotted refuelling under wraps on a flatbed in its most recent outing, a little bit more online sleuthing has further showed for it to have actually landed in the city-state just in time to make someone’s — a longtime Singaporean Koenigsegg collector apparently — Christmas rather special last year. 

Now this particular track-spec Jesko Attack has paired its exclusively-optioned Mellow Yellow exterior hue with Imperial Blue body striping and carbon-ceramic brake calipers, to honour the Swedish national colours where this hypercar was conceived. This Jesko also sports the “Flag Option”, which adds another pop of yellow and blue along the bottom of the vehicle just behind each front wheel.

While on the topic of wheels as well, this particular Jesko has been optioned with a set of staggered 20- and 21-inch AirCore centre-lock carbon fibre alloy wheels to complement its similarly optional carbon fibre wing mirrors and similarly carbon fibre rear intakes. The entire rear wing and front splitter of this Koenigsegg are naturally carbon too, as is all the body panels and even its monocoque chassis. 

Moving on inside meanwhile, the interior of this particular Jesko is resplendent in a two-tone Desiato and Blueberry Alcantara upholstery, that is then topped off with Blueberry Stitching in the Drift Pattern and Natural Aluminium trim. This Jesko Attack has incidentally also had the G-Force Meter option box ticked, which will certainly to be handy when all 1,280 hp (or 1,600 hp if running on E85 biofuel) from its 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 is let loose. 

Delving further into the tech specs now for the nerds out there, attached to the monstrous V8 on this Jesko Attack is an in-house developed 9-speed Light Speed Transmission (LST) that is said to change gears in ‘virtually zero time’. Koenigsegg also touts for all its aero package on this hypercar enables it to generate a whopping 1,400 kg of downforce (incidentally the same weight as the car itself) while travelling at 290 km/h. 

Though perhaps the most unique tech detail regarding this particular Singaporean Jesko at least is for it to have its steering wheel on the right hand side of this hypercar. In fact, it is speculated that this particular unit is the first-ever and currently only Jesko (out of the 15 that have been produced thus far) to have the steering wheel on the “correct” side of the car. 

And just furthering on the subject of small production numbers too, this Jesko is to only be the 5th Koenigsegg registered in Singapore to date since the first one arrived over there over a decade ago in 2013. The four other Swedish hypercars tucked away in the tiny island nation allegedly consists of an Agera S+ Medusa and three units of the Agera RS. All of which incidentally are right hand drive as well. 

At the other end of the scale in terms of figures is what this particular Koenigsegg would have cost its new custodian, with just the price tag of the hypercar alone is apparently estimated to be roughly around the S$3.8 million mark (RM 13.4 million). Add to that the various taxes associated for it to wear its rather fancy ‘SMM 0000 A’ local Singaporean registration plate, and this hence brings the total to an eye-watering S$16 million (RM 56.3 million). 

You just gotta love the dedication of these Crazy Rich Asian petrolheads. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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