Subaru Refreshes Its Steelie-Shoed BRZ Cup Car Basic For 2024

This track-prepped BRZ nets a redesigned roll cage and (strangely enough) ADAS with this new update. 

While the Toyobaru twins are perhaps the most refreshingly simple way that any petrolhead can enjoy some rear wheel drive fun these days, there are still to be varying levels of simplicity within its lineup. And the most basic of which is incidentally the BRZ Cup Car Basic (its in the name after all), which recently just got an update for 2024. 

Now among the major changes with this 2024 update is a modification to the shape of its standard(!) six-point roll cage, of which includes a redesigned set of side bars. This track-focused BRZ also curiously now nets Subaru’s Eyesight ADAS suite, which previously appeared on its road-biased counterparts last year. 

New too within this variant of BRZ are eye bolts on its driver’s seat for a six-point harness, as well as special floor mats in a new cutting to accommodate the aforementioned revised roll cage  changed shape to accommodate the new roll cage. Though as before, this bare-bones Subaru does without the finer creature comforts like an infotainment screen.   

Remaining exactly the same as before too is the exterior aesthetic of this bare-bones BRZ, with this Cup Car Basic continuing to be resplendent in its throwaway 16-inch steelies wearing eminently replaceable 205/55 R16 tires. Seven colours are to be available – the iconic WR blue pearl, Sapphire blue pearl, ice silver metallic, magnetite grey metallic, and crystal black silica are free of charge, while the Ignition Red and Crystal White Pearl are a cost option.

Under the hood of the Cup Car Basic lies the same naturally aspirated 2.4-litre boxer engine, which churns the same 235 PS and 250 Nm of torque as in all Japan-spec BRZ models. Power is however only transmitted to its rear axles by way of a six-speed manual for this variant, with no option to have it in the available automatic in its other road-spec stablemates.

Exclusive to the Cup Car Basic too is a new auxiliary oil cooler and new engine seals, for which Subaru claims is to help with the more demanding conditions of track use that this BRZ will inevitably see. To that end too, extra cooling fins have also been added to its standard limited-slip differential.

Subaru has forewarned for the Cup Car Basic to “have some disadvantages in terms of ride, comfort, maneuverability, ease of entry and exit, and quietness” compared to the standard car. Though this is to be expected, given that this particular model was after all designed with the foremost intention to compete in the Toyota Gazoo Racing GR86/BRZ Cup series.

Funnily enough however, at 1,290 kg, the BRZ Cup Car Basic isn’t actually any lighter than the street-spec sibling. That is as while the track car makes do with a tire puncture repair kit instead of a spare, it still retains its passenger seats and even air conditioning (although the roll cage does block the side vents).

Similarly intriguing too is for this Cup Car Basic is actually to be the second most expensive BRZ trim sold in Japan, after the full-spec STI Sport. Though with a price tag of ¥3,700,400 (RM 115,000), it is probably still the cheapest way anyone can get into a proper race-prepped car from the factory. 

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