smart Malaysia Debuts smartCare EV Aftersales Service Program

Among the features offered under smartCare is a live high voltage battery monitoring system. 

As part of their continuing commitment on from their customer-centric sales and aftersales approach, smart Malaysia has recently introduced smartCare aftersales service program. This new initiative brings with it a host of new and useful features that has been designed to ensure the roadworthiness of all smart vehicles, in addition to provide proactive support to further improve the ownership experience of its EVs.

smart Malaysia touts for its smartCare Programme to introduce eight key highlights to its current aftersales ecosystem. These include: Live High Voltage (HV) Battery Monitoring, Aftersales Digital Services via the Hello smart App, Local HV Battery Repair Partner, Warehouse & Logistic Partner, Service Outlet Facility with HV Battery Rooms, EV Chargers at all smart Outlets, Qualified EV Technicians, and Body & Paint Facilities.

Live High Voltage Battery Monitoring System

A unique aspect of the newly-introduced smartCare ecosystem is the Live High Voltage Battery Monitoring system, with this advanced safety feature being designed to offer pre-emptive solutions for potential issues through real-time monitoring of battery health in its EVs. Available in all its current all-electric offering, this system enables the car itself to provide alerts directly to smart Central in the event of an anomaly, thereby ensuring that necessary actions can be taken promptly to maintain optimal performance and reliability of the vehicle.

The Sino-German automaker has held aloft this new feature to be a cornerstone of its commitment to excellence, ensuring the highest levels of safety for our customers, safeguarding vehicles, and providing peace of mind to the owners of its EVs. The Hello smart App further enhances the ownership experience by enabling owners to effortlessly book services, access user guidelines, and receive emergency assistance through a user-friendly interface. 

Additionally, owners can contact the smartCare Centre at 1-800-22-8877 for any inquiries, ensuring prompt support and assistance on their vehicle whenever needed.

Comprehensive Battery Health Diagnostics

Another key highlight of smartCare meanwhile presents itself if and when the aforementioned Live High Voltage Battery Monitoring system detects an anomaly, as any faults identified will be promptly rectified by the automaker as part of its partnerships with local HV battery repair services. This collaboration in battery management has been proclaimed by smart Malaysia to empower it in delivering swift and eco-friendly repairs by reusing functional components, thereby minimising both the vehicle downtime and significantly reducing the environmental impact of the repair undertaken.

Qualified battery technicians at its local repair partner centre are committed to providing the highest level of care for your smart vehicles, supported by their prestigious Qualified Certificate of Training. The smart Malaysia team also consists of highly trained EV experts, and is supported by smart Central in China to ensure top-tier aftersales service through continuous training and up-to-date knowledge of EV technology. 

Comprehensive Aftersales Service

Touching on the more general aftersales side of things on the other hand, smart Malaysia has taken pride in partnering with a reliable warehouse and logistics provider to ensure parts are readily available and efficiently managed. With more than 3,000 SKUs and over 10,000 parts in stock, this partnership aims to reduce wait times and enhances service efficiency, which is crucial for smart owners needing quick car repairs.

Incidentally, smart Malaysia is also the only brand locally with a dedicated and unique HV Battery Room. This specialised facility ensures all battery storage and tasks are performed safely and securely, and further showcases the automaker’s dedication to both environmental safety and customer security. 


Additionally, smart Malaysia is proud to introduce The Body & Paint (B&P) facilities located in smart Ipoh, smart KL B&P, and smart Penang. These facilities are equipped to handle various services such as insurance claims, windscreen replacement, body painting, and body repair. They provide customers with genuine parts, ensuring the retention of vehicle warranty status and maintaining the highest quality standards. Moreover, all 10 smart outlets nationwide are equipped with EV chargers, offering convenient access to both AC and DC charging facilities.

“We are thrilled to introduce smartCare, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional aftersales service and support to our valued customers. Our objective is to ensure that every smart vehicle is roadworthy and that our owners receive the proactive, reliable service they deserve. With smartCare, we are setting a new standard in the Electric vehicle segment by providing stringent quality benchmarks to bolster customer confidence in owning an all-electric vehicle. We combine advanced technology, environmental responsibility, and unparalleled customer care,” said Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia.

Join The smartCare Customer Day Event to Learn and Experience More

smart Malaysia is excited to host a smartCare Customer Day event, inviting all smart car owners to join us for an informative and interactive session. Attendees can expect Technical Insights, where our product experts will share valuable information about vehicle operations, charging procedures, and maintenance best practices. Hands-On Demonstrations will teach customers how to conduct vehicle inspections, perform basic maintenance tasks, and optimise their smart car’s performance. Additionally, attendees will benefit from smart PRO Tips, offering insider advice on checking tire conditions, monitoring vehicle lights, managing battery range, knowing when to change wiper blades, and more.

The next stop for this event will be at smart Ipoh and smart Alor Setar on 22 June 2024, 10.00 a.m.

“We believe that informed owners are happy owners. Our smartCare campaign is designed to provide practical support and guidance to our customers, ensuring their smart experience remains enjoyable and hassle-free,” said Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer at smart Malaysia.

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