Proton To Sell EVs Under A New Brand. Can You Guess Its Name?

Decode the new brand name of the upcoming Proton EV and win a RM 5,000 cash prize!

While it has long been teased for Proton to soon be launching an EV, more information has since come to light regarding this particular development. And the most notable tid-bit involves for the Malaysian automaker to be parking this future all-electric product into its own sub-brand, with it currently inviting everyone to guess what its name will be. 

Now it is perhaps worth making clear here that this is not to be a naming contest, as Proton already having decided on the name that it intends to call this upcoming EV sub-brand. Instead, the public is currently only guessing as to what exactly the Malaysian marque has dubbed for it to be. 

That said, Proton is still to be dangling a decent RM 5,000 cash prize for the Grand Prize winner of this particular name-guessing contest. The first and second runner up meanwhile will be netting RM 1,500 and RM 1,000 respectively, while the subsequent top 5 entries will be receiving RM 100 cash. 

The contest period currently ends on 5th June 2024, with those interested in joining the contest can follow these steps below: 

Step 1: Fill out the registration form at

Step 2:  Decode and reorder the given images or statements

Step 3: Share the contest link with friends to join

According to Proton here, this EV Brand Naming Contest signifies its readiness for the imminent launch of its first electric vehicle in Malaysia… if ignoring smart of course, which is incidentally already an EV marque (with soon to be two EVs in its lineup) that comes under the Malaysian automaker’s PRO-NET subsidiary.

“This contest isn’t just about naming a brand; it’s about inviting Malaysians to be integral participants in shaping the future of mobility. PROTON is grateful for the support we received from Malaysians over the past 41 years and aims to embark on this EV journey with people at the forefront of its vision,” said Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of PRO-NET.

In any case, as for what exactly is to be the car that Proton will be selling first under its newly-formed sub-brand, the vague silhouette of the car in the teaser shows for it to most likely be a rebadged version of Geely’s Galaxy E5. 

Unveiled earlier this year before it goes on sale in China next month, this new electric crossover measures about the same size as Honda’s latest CR-V, with its exact dimensions being quoted as 4615 mm long, 1901 mm wide, and 1670 mm tall. Among the highlights of its exterior meanwhile are a set of slim headlights and a ‘Light Cosmos Dynamic’ closed-off grille up front, some aero-optimised alloys and deployable door handles along its a rather boxy side-profile, as well as a full-width light bar that rounds out its rather Macan-esque rump. 

Moving on inside, its minimalist dashboard is dominated by a large floating central infotainment screen and a digital instrument cluster behind its squircle steering wheel. One other unique touch within this E5 is its asymmetric centre console, with other notable interior appointments on the other hand being a 16-speaker audio system and massaging front seats. 

Sitting atop the Geely Electric Architecture (GEA), the only powertrain currently revealed for the Galaxy E5 is a single-motor and LFP battery 800-volt EV setup rated at 218 PS. It is worth noting however that there is also rumoured to be a range-extending hybrid variant and PHEV option to be made available in its home market of China, as well as potentially even integration of methanol-fuel technologies to come as well. 

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