A First-Hand Recap Of Porsche’s Recent Cayenne Convoy To Ipoh

Porsche shows off what its newly refreshed Cayenne is capable off with a trip up north to Ipoh. 

Over a week ago now, Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), the official distributor of Porsches in Malaysia, organised a media convoy up to Ipoh to show off their newly-refreshed locally-assembled Cayenne. And in a wholly gracious move to the generous people at SDAP, yours truly was invited along for this trip!

A full in-depth review of this Cayenne is currently available for your perusal right here. Though for those who haven’t the time, the TL;DR version of events is that thanks to the perks that comes with its local assembly, the value proposition alone with this large SUV should warrant anyone dropping RM 600k on a car right now to seriously consider its immediate purchase. 

The badge prestige in itself from this Cayenne would likely seal the deal for many, with many still holding aloft the Porsche name over its more mainstream continental counterparts. And if not, the rest of this rather accomplished SUV still has enough grace, space and pace that will tick all the boxes for those fortunate enough to afford such a car. 

Anyway, getting back to this organised drive up to Ipoh, Porsche was also keen to showcase the new roof tent from Porsche Tequipment. Similarly, a full story regarding this rather outdoorsy accessory for this SUV can be found linked here, with the TL;DR conclusion to this instead being somewhat contradictory to the superb value proposition of the car it was fitted onto.  

In any case, without wanting to go on yet another tangent, here is what Porsche themselves have to say about this recent convoy drive up to Ipoh with the recently refreshed Cayenne. And just to make things a little bit more interesting than a boring press release, a few bits of on-the-ground commentary by yours truly has been added to give it a more personal touch…

In 2023, Porsche celebrates 75 years of sports cars, honouring its founder Ferry Porsche and his pioneering spirit, and celebrating the passion of dreamers all over the world. In Malaysia, Porsche commemorates this occasion uniquely, going from unleashing possibilities with the first local assembly facility for the iconic German sports car brand outside of Europe, to going Further Together by launching the latest Cayenne.

Featuring one of the most comprehensive upgrades in Porsche’s history, the new Cayenne adds upgrades to chassis systems, innovative high-tech features, as well as a highly digitalised display and control concept (in addition to a modest increase of 13 PS and 50 Nm to its 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine too, which certainly sped up the drive to Ipoh). 

In Malaysia, the locally assembled Cayenne is further enhanced with an elevated standard equipment package, adding Adaptive Cruise Control, Sport Chrono Package, soft-close doors, and preparation for rear seat entertainment to its unique standard specification.

Underlining its claim to be one of the best SUVs in its class, Porsche Malaysia embarked on a Great Escape, pairing journalists from the region with scenic routes and picturesque moments across Malaysia in the new Cayenne (along with some slight jungle exploration too with this posh SUV in our case, which certainly showed off this Porsche’s off-roading chops…)

The start of the drive

The new Porsche Driver Experience – a new and intuitive display and control concept in the Cayenne – enhances the safety and comfort of occupants, while also optimising the driving experience. Before participants set off, each location was mapped on the Cayenne‘s standard 12.3-inch central Porsche Communication Management (PCM) display. 

All the Porsche Cayennes on this Great Escape were neatly lined-up in the wee hours of the morning before the event began; once journalists get behind the wheel, the Cayenne cruised comfortably in its standard driving mode (with some having turned on the adaptive cruise control already), as the convoy sets off to the highway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Discovering the undiscovered

Through the middle of the day, and the long highway paths made way for snaking hillside B-roads bisecting lush scenes of greenery. The new adaptive air suspension with 2-chamber, 2-valve technology made its presence felt, keeping the vehicle poised with utmost driving precision and performance, while still maintaining a high degree of comfort for the driver and passengers (as per before, the increased power of the V6 also made overtaking slower traffic up front a breeze too, even as a 7 car convoy). 

Beside a picturesque blue lake, participants were then treated to a mid-point stopover, where Porsche Malaysia prepared a new Cayenne with a roof tent from Porsche Tequipment, pairing the outdoor display with other adventure essentials. Relishing the cool breeze, whispering leaves and a beautiful sight, the site was just one example of how families could create unforgettable shared adventures with the new Cayenne. (Most journalists however were rather distracted from the tent when the event organisers broke out the durian. Such is to be Malaysian I guess…)

Moments to be shared

Past the mid-point stop, and the convoy nears its destination on this road trip – the city of Ipoh, with its traditional architecture juxtaposed with modern amenities. Safety and assistance systems making driving through the city a breeze in the Cayenne, and the group soon arrives at a very special location for dinner.

Hidden in an ancient cave is one of the city’s most famous restaurants, a perfect representation of how tradition meets future. Whilst the group enjoyed great food and conversation, Porsche’s own representation of heritage and forward thinking – the original “sports car for five“ – settles at a perfect spot for an unforgettable sunset moment (before it is called into action again for a cheeky supper run later on, because Ipoh of course).

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