Nissan Spices Up Its Ariya With An All New Nismo Edition

This Nismo-fied Nissan Ariya e-SUV nets slightly more power to complement its sporty appearance.  

In following the trend of souped-up e-SUVs these days, Nissan has recently unveiled its Ariya Nismo at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. Its second hot all-electric product after the Japan-only Leaf Nismo, this sporty crossover handily brings some (albeit modest) performance gains to cash the cheques its more aggressive aesthetic is writing. 

And speaking of that exterior aesthetic, said added aggression to the look of this Nismo-fied Ariya comes largely courtesy from its full assortment of red-accented aero add-ons around its bottom edge. This includes an extended splitter up front, deeper side skirts on its side and a redesigned rear bumper incorporating a motorsport-style central rear fog light. 

This hot Nissan e-SUV features a more pronounced roof spoiler and a prominent lip spoiler on its tailgate as well, with a set of wider-than-stock 20-inch black aluminium alloy wheels and red accents on the blacked-out mirror caps completing the meaner look. Oh, and there apparently is also an optional black go-faster stripe available too.

Now as for the power bump meanwhile, Nissan is currently claiming for the two sporty flavours of this e-SUV corresponding to the two battery capacities on offer see approximately 10% greater peak output than its stock counterparts. The base Nismo B6 e-4ORCE pushes out 270 kW and 560 Nm through its two electric motors while powered by a 66 kWh battery pack, while the larger 91 kWh battery pack-equipped Nismo B9 e-4ORCE packs a healthier 320 kW and 600 Nm of torque.

Nissan has yet to release proper performance figures yet with these two souped-up e-SUVs, but has nevertheless claimed that it has imbibed within it ‘special acceleration tuning and an exclusive NISMO driving mode that maximises response’. The Japanese automaker also touts for these Ariyas to have received special tuning for each chassis component that should see it have superior ‘turn-in ability as well as better line-tracing and enhanced cornering ability at high speeds’ for ‘further driving excitement’, not to mention too a sound that is supposedly evocative of Formula E racing. 

Moving on inside, Nissan has truly leaned fully into the sporty black-and-red theme with a generally black cabin (with even black faux wood trim) highlighted by red accents that include the bright red centre strip running right across its dash and red-accented perforations on its sports seats. A sportier, steering wheel with red stitching and a red 12 o’clock mark also make an appearance within the Ariya Nismo, with its backlit panels from the standard car now glowing a menacing red instead of its stock warm white. 

The Ariya Nismo is currently slated to arrive in Japanese Nissan dealerships by spring, but there is no word yet from the Japanese automaker regarding the possibility of this hot e-SUV making it outside of its home market. Given though that even the standard version has yet to even arrive over here, there is to be a very slim chance of this souped-up EV arriving locally even if it does make it outside the Land of the Rising Sun. 

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