Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance Launch Edition Debuts

The imminent launch of its Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance is marked by a limited-run of launch edition cars. 

Upon the official unveiling of the IS 500 F SPORT Performance a month prior, much to the fanfare from auto enthusiasts, Lexus has since debut an even more tarted up variant of this upcoming V8-powered Japanese sports sedan with the recent launch of the IS 500 Launch Edition. 

Limited to only 500 serialised units, it is perhaps worth highlighting first and foremost these limited run models of this exclusively North American market Lexus features no performance enhancements to under the skin. Meaning that the same 5.0-litre naturally aspirated still makes the same healthy 472 hp and 536 Nm of torque. 

Moreover, there has also been no further dynamic enhancements made to the 8-speed automatic transmission, or the brakes and suspension on this Launch Edition Lexus. What however is added to these particular IS 500s are ‘numerous interior and exterior enhancements’, for which the Japanese Premium automaker claims is for the buyer who ‘that desire additional distinction’. 

Chief among these visual distinctions on the outside at least is the sole exterior colour choice of Incognito for these Launch Edition IS500s. Apparently an all-new colour for Lexus, this satin grey exterior hue is further complemented by matte black 19-inch lightweight split-seven-spoke BBS forged alloy wheels derived from the IS F SPORT Dynamic Handling Package. 

Moving inside, these limited run IS500s gains a two-tone black-and-grey Ultrasuede interior in addition to a silver wood ash trim piece on the top part of the leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel. Other interior enhancements include on these Launch Edition cars include a serialised Launch Edition badge, as well as a bespoke start up animation on the digital instrument cluster. 

As the Launch Edition name suggests, these 500 cars are set to go on sale right when the IS 500 reaches North American Lexus dealerships later in the autumn. Prices and further available options regarding these limited run cars will also only be announced closer towards the launch date, though it is reasonably expected expected that these special edition cars is to command a slight premium over the standard sports sedan. 

PRESS RELEASE: Hot on the heels of last month’s IS 500 F SPORT Performance world premiere, Lexus is proud to unveil the 2022 IS 500 F SPORT Performance Launch Edition. Only 500 serialized vehicles will be produced, and it will be sold exclusively in North America.

The IS 500 Launch Edition will be powered by the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine introduced in the standard IS 500. Generating 472 hp at 7,100 rpm and 395 lb.-ft of peak torque at 4,800 rpm, this engine offers the linear acceleration and V8 muscle that driving enthusiasts crave. However, buyers that desire additional distinction will find numerous interior and exterior enhancements in the IS 500 Launch Edition.

Standing apart from the standard IS 500, the 2022 IS 500 Launch Edition interior builds upon Takumi craftsmanship with elevated interior materials, including sporty two-tone Black & Gray Ultrasuede® trimmed front and rear seats, door accents, and center console. Additionally, the heated leather-wrapped steering wheel receives unique silver ash wood treatment with black F SPORT Performance badging, and the interior will be appointed with a serialized Launch Edition badge to further highlight the vehicle’s exclusivity. Moreover, the F SPORT combination instrumentation meter has been updated with an exclusive Launch Edition startup animation to further set this model apart from the standard IS 500.

Outside, the IS 500 Launch Edition is sure to turn heads with standard 19-inch split-seven-spoke forged alloy Matte Black BBS wheels from the IS F SPORT Dynamic Handling Package. Not only are they impressive looking, the 19-inch BBS wheels are approximately 4 pounds lighter per wheel compared to the standard 19-inch IS F SPORT wheel. The vehicle will be sold exclusively in Incognito, an all-new color for the Lexus lineup.

More information regarding MSRP and available options will be made available closer to launch. The 2022 IS 500 F SPORT Performance and IS 500 F SPORT Performance Launch Edition are expected to arrive in dealerships later this Fall.

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