Genesis Unveils New GV70 Mid-Sized Luxury SUV

A smaller but no less luxurious sibling the full-sized Genesis GV80 flagship SUV. 

Genesis has recently unveiled, and very quietly, pulled the wraps of their latest addition to its ever-expanding lineup, which comes in the form of this GV70 mid-sized luxury SUV. 

Sitting beneath its full-sized GV80 big brother, this newest offering from the luxury Korean automaker is set to compete in what is currently the most lucrative segment in the car market. Going toe-to-toe against offerings from more established and importantly, prestigious brand names, the likes of the Mercedes Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Looking at it however, it would probably be these established luxury marques that should be worried about this new mid-sized luxury SUV challenger.

Starting from the outside, the front end follows the corporate Genesis front end aesthetic that we first saw on the recently updated G70 mid-sized sedan. Striking is definitely one way to describe it, with its large shield-shaped wire mesh grille flanked by quad slit-like LED headlights. Prominent air intakes also appear on the sculpted front bumper, as does a chrome lower lip, giving this GV70 a more purposeful look than its stately elder sibling. 

Moving round the back, the qual slit-like light signature up front continues for the tail light clusters. Below them meanwhile is a rather aggressive looking rear bumper design, featuring an exposed body-coloured diffuser and vertically mounted oblong-shaped tailpipes. 

It is the side profile however where the GV70 is the most eye-catching, thanks in part to what Genesis has done with the sloping coupe-like roof line. A design touch further accentuated by the dropping chrome trim on the C-pillar. 

Speaking of eye-catching, there is apparently also a sporty trim level available in the form of the GV70 Sport. Bringing with it larger 21-inch alloy wheels, in addition to dark chrome trim on the exterior and a larger diameter exhaust. On the interior too, the Sport’s dynamic image will be further enhanced by a sports steering wheel and lashings of carbon fibre

That said, the standard interior is already pretty stunning in itself. The 14.3 inch central infotainment touchscreen perched atop the leather-lined dashboard is probably the highlight within this well appointed 5 seater cabin, but that leaves out the equally impressive 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. The climate control settings that are encased in an oval surround, bisected by a minimalist two spoke steering wheel is also worth a mention. 

On the topic of powertrains, the luxury Korean automaker is still playing coy about it. Although the 300 hp 2.5 litre turbo four-cylinder and the 370 3.5 litre twin-turbo V6 that is currently in other Genesis models are the most likely candidates to driving the rear wheels of this mid-sized SUV.

Long story short, the GV70 is as if its GV80 elder sibling has been put through the photocopier at 85%. That is no bad thing however as the full-sized Genesis SUV is an impressive car in itself. 

Landing in American showrooms some time next year, it is almost certain that the GV70, or any Genesis really, will never officially make it to Malaysian shores. Much like how Infiniti never took off locally, Malaysians can’t seem to look past the Hyundai association. A pity then, as this stunning luxury SUV does seem blow some local offerings right out of the water. 

PRESS RELEASE: Today, Genesis officially revealed the exterior and interior of the athletic and sporty GV70 SUV. The much-anticipated GV70 becomes the fifth model in the Genesis lineup, joining the G70, G80, and G90 sedans, along with recently announced GV80 flagship SUV. Like all other Genesis models, the GV70 will be based on a rear-wheel-drive platform.

“Genesis continues to build on our solid foundation with the addition of new and exciting products to our lineup,” said Mark Del Rosso, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Motor North America. “We recently launched our first-ever SUV, the flagship GV80, with U.S. deliveries beginning in the next thirty days. Now, with the upcoming release of the dynamic GV70 and a further diversified product portfolio, Genesis will be able to reach an even broader audience of American consumers.”

The “G” in GV70 represents Genesis, while the “V” refers to the versatility that only a Genesis SUV can offer.

Inspired by the design philosophy of “Athletic Elegance”, the GV70 features a sporty and powerful appearance.

The design of the GV70’s front is thoroughly unique. The iconic Crest Grille, which takes its shape from the Genesis logo, has been set lower than the Quad Lamps to reflect the SUV’s athletic nature, while the two lines of the Quad Lamps evoke a sense of speed and dynamism. Skid plates placed on the bottom of the bumpers reinforce the SUV’s powerful image.

When viewed from the side, the GV70 exudes an elegant sensibility. The arching Parabolic Line, which begins at the top of the Quad Lamps and runs elegantly along the side of the SUV, creates a dramatic contrast with the muscular rear fenders. The sleek and elegant coupe-like roofline, along with the dropping chrome line to the C-pillar, accentuate the GV70’s unique athletic characteristic.

At the rear, the taillights feature the ultra-thin signature two lines of the Quad Lamps, while all functional elements are set in the bumper, helping to achieve exceptionally clean, pure forms. The rear also features a number of subtle design details – including a G-Matrix pattern-applied bumper, a unique vertical shaped muffler, and a body-colored diffuser – that accentuate the GV70’s dynamic look.

Genesis also unveiled a GV70 Sport model, which features an eye-catching design.

The Sport package model includes an exclusively designed front bumper and 21-inch, G-Matrix pattern-applied wheels, as well as dark chrome garnishes and a large diameter exhaust, which evoke a pronounced dynamic expression. The Sport model’s interior features exclusive colors and trim, including a sport steering wheel and carbon-fiber appointed consoles and doors, which accentuate its dynamic image.

“The audaciously designed new GV70 breaks new ground for Genesis through purity of design execution. This follows the Genesis G80 and GV80 which demonstrated the perfect balance of our design identity ‘Athletic Elegance,’” said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Genesis Design.”

He added “The new GV70 inherits the Genesis design DNA including signature elements, such as the Wing Face and Two Lines. Along with the G70, the athletic 70-series line-up expands our design territory. As a luxury brand based in Korea, we are excited to offer the ‘Beauty of White Space’, Genesis’ contemporary spatial experience exclusively to our customers.”

The first-ever GV70 is expected to arrive in the United States in calendar year 2021. More details will be available closer to launch.

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