New Geely 7 seat SUV Launched. Proton X90 Soon?

Geely has taken the wraps off their new 3 row SUV. Named the Hao Yue, this latest Geely has undoubtably sparked particular interest here in Malaysia, for obvious Proton-related reasons.

With the Geely Bo Yue and Bin Yue becoming the Proton X70 and X50 respectively, it is reasonable to assume that this new 7-seat Hao Yue could be Proton’s contender to take on the large SUV market locally. A Proton X90 perhaps?

2020 Geely Haoyue

The Hao Yue is Geely’s first attempt into the large SUV market. Coming in 5 seat and 7 seat configuration, this D-segment SUV has roughly the same dimensions as the local favourite the Toyota Fortuner. The front end design carries the Geely family face with the Expanding Cosmos grille, while the rear end bears similarities to a Kia Stinger GT.

On the inside, the dash design of this large SUV is dominated by two huge screens, a 12.3-inch central infotainment panel and an equally large full LCD instrument display. In terms of practicality, the middle and rear seats fold completely flat on the Hao Yue to maximise practicality. There is also a possibility for 7 independently adjustable seats under the ‘VIP’ seat option. The CN95 air purification system will continue to be offered in this three row SUV too.

2020 Geely Haoyue interior

Powertrain options for the Hao Yue is currently limited to Geely’s latest 1.8 litre turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine mated to a seven speed dual-clutch transmission. Sending an estimated 181 hp and 300 Nm of torque to the front wheels. A rumoured 247 hp 2.0 turbocharged unit co-developed with Volvo is slated for four wheel drive variants of this SUV in the future.

The exciting part of this Hao Yue possibly being the next Proton SUV is that the Hao Yue comes standard with L2 assisted driving technologies. Equipped with 24 sensors all around the large SUV, the Hao Yue has 17 assisted driving features that allows it to automatically follow, brake, and turn at speeds up to 150km/h. These sensors also will allow for automatic parking and provide feed to the 360º reverse camera. However, whether these technology will trickle down to the Proton or even work in Malaysia remains to be seen.

2020 Geely Haoyue driver assist

If the Hao Yue were to arrive in its local Proton form, this may spell the death of many budget to mid tier people movers like the budget Perodua Aruz, utilitarian Toyota Fortuner and ageing Nissan X-Trail.

More information in the press release below:

Geely Auto officially launched its first seven-seat D-segment SUV, Hao Yue in an entirely online launch ceremony today. The 7-seat SUV marks Geely Auto’s entry into a highly competitive market segment that is currently dominated by foreign joint-venture brands in the Chinese market. Geely aims to challenge the competition by offering consumers a full suite of the brands latest intelligent vehicle technologies and highly efficient powertrain systems in a highly competitive package.

Maximum Space, Maximum Value

Geely Auto has always strived to push the boundaries in design, functionality, and value. The Haoyue was designed under Geely’s unique ‘Expansive Aesthetic’ concept with ubiquitously tensile lines resulting in a broad muscular body. Designers integrated form with technology to create a modern, refined design that strikes unique a balance of space and functionality.

The Geely Haoyue comes in both 5 and 7-seat configurations with rear seats capable of folding completely flat to maximise space utilization. Fully folded, the rear interior space can reach 2.2 square meters – equivalent to a king-sized bed – whilst the trunk space can be expanded to 2360L, capable of accommodating all kinds of medium to large objects.

Both 5 and 7-seat configurations offer extensive legroom, allowing users as tall as 1.9m to sit comfortably without any adjustments. Seats in all rows are adjustable including back-row seats which are equipped with eight-way adjustable backrests. Users can also opt for a seven ‘VIP’ seat configuration that includes 7 independently-adjustable seats.

The ‘Healthiest’ SUV

The Haoyue was developed following Geely’s ‘healthy car’ concept, with all materials undergoing stringent environmental testing with requirements over 20 times higher than Chinese national standards. The result is a large cockpit without a harmful ‘new car smell’. The Haoyue also comes equipped with Geely’s officially certified CN95 grade high-efficiency air purification system capable of filtering out 99% of PM2.5 particles and 98% of droplets bigger than 0.74µm which may contain viruses and other harmful elements. In combination with Haoyue’s three-zone air conditioner and AQS system, cabin air can be quickly purified and refreshed in under three minutes.

Powering the Haoyue is Geely’s latest 1.8TD engine paired with a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission which together meet China’s most stringent national 6B emission standards. When it comes to intelligent driving, Hao Yue is equipped with L2 assisted driving technologies. 24 sensors assist 17 intelligent drive features in the large SUV allowing it to automatically follow, stop, as well as turn at speeds up to 150km/h. Sensors also enable the SUV to achieve one-button automatic parking with 360° panoramic imaging.

Inside the Hao Yue, users can experience the latest GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem utilising Geely’s independently developed high-performance quad-core dedicated vehicle microprocessor, E01. GKUI allows users to interact with the vehicle through an AI-powered voice assistant. The ecosystem is also able to be integrated with a host of IoT applications such as’s smart home which allows users to monitor and control home appliances on the road. Users can also interact and monitor information in the vehicle through the multiple high-definition displays including a 12.3-inch central infotainment panel, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, and advanced WHUD heads-up navigation display.

Haoyue is Geely’s latest offering to follow the brand’s user-centric approach to the market and helps expand the brand’s product portfolio to encompass the 7-seat SUV segment. It offers consumers a new choice with a  smart, spacious, high-quality, and technologically-advanced SUV. The model’s safe and comfortable drive experience, as well as its generous value proposition, will set a new benchmark for D-segment SUVs in the world.

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