Flexi Parking Debuts Roadside Assist Service With

The new Flexi Assist feature on the Flexi Parking app aims to offer on-demand, on-site roadside connected vehicle assistance.  

For those with the misfortune to be stranded at the side of the road with vehicular maladies, there now may be an easy recourse for you, through the newly launched Flexi Assist feature on the Flexi Parking app. 

Once just a parking app to conveniently pay for on-street parking in Malaysia, Flexi Parking has since announced that through its recent partnership, its 4 million users can now request request on-demand, on-site Connected Roadside Assistance, anytime, anywhere, to get them out of their vehicular problem. 

Offered through the landing page of Flexi Parking app, available services currently include battery replacements, jump-start, tyre replacement, fuel top-up (in case you run out of fuel), vehicle unlock (in case you lock yourself out of your own car) and even vehicle towing. 

Upon tapping on the Flexi Assist button, a list of services is presented to users and once the required service is selected, users will be asked to provide their vehicle’s location, with the option to provide additional information like nearby landmarks and their vehicle’s colour. 

Fulfilment services are done by’s dynamic and sustainable ecosystem, centralized through its 24/7/365 Contact Centre. The Contact Centre will communicate with users to verify the information provided before dispatching assistance, ensuring help is received between 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 

“This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in urban mobility solutions, addressing the challenges faced by vehicle owners nationwide. By blending parking payment and auto assistance functionalities, Flexi Parking and offer vehicle owners unparalleled convenience and peace of mind while navigating the country’s roads,” said Mr. Lai Thiam Sin, CEO and founder of Flexi Parking. 

“With the increasing numbers of vehicles on the road, it is crucial for to make roadside assistance services easily accessible to vehicle owners nationwide via API Integration with customer facing platforms such as the Flexi Parking app,” commented Azarol Faizi Bin Zakaria Ansari, CEO of 

“We are privileged to be offering our nationwide roadside assist solutions directly to Flexi Parking users and we are committed to delivering Awesome Customer Experience at all times,” he added. is nurturing a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem uniting its BHERO (front-line GIG technicians to serve vehicle owners), BPRENEUR (retail outlets to support’s services), and BBUDDY (trusted workshops and auto part merchants to complement growing demand from vehicle owners) to fulfil demand anytime and anywhere. 

Both companies are homegrown – with Flexi Parking, the pioneering parking payment app spreading its coverage through 38 local municipal councils and 8 states while operates nationwide with a total of close to 200 Pitstop retail outlets, close to 1,000 trained BHERO and close to 3,000 BBUDDY recruited, including trusted workshops such as Petronas AutoExpert chain of workshops. 

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