The Donkervoort F22 Art Edition Is A Painting Capable Of 290 km/h

This striking colours on this Donkervoort art car was painted on by Dutch artist Anneke Wilbrink.   

In a refreshing change of pace against all the current grey blobs on our streets these days, Donkervoort has recently (and rather proudly) endorsed its first-ever art car. Dubbed the F22 Art Edition, this striking piece of fast art was created by award-winning Dutch artist Anneke Wilbrink, on the commission of long-time Donkervoort and art gallery owner Cees Lubbers. 

A piece that came about when Lubbers desired an artwork for his gallery to represent him and all that makes him happy, this F22 Art Edition at first glance may look like streaks of cyan, green, yellow, orange, and red scattered randomly across a white base. A closer look however allows for the various depictions of trackside scenes to shine through the abstractness, which is rather poetically fitting for the character of this Dutch track weapon, that is to be hiding quite a lot of cool kit underneath its wild demeanour.   

After all, this (land-based) F22 does boast an Audi-sourced boosted five-cylinder, tuned to developed a staggering 500 hp and 640 Nm of torque. And given that this fully carbon track-weapon only weighs 750 kg, it should not be all to surprising to note too that the Donkervoort can dust off the century sprint in just 2.5 seconds, before reaching the second century mark too in just 7.5 seconds.

Though perhaps even more impressive with the F22 is that fitted with its standard TracTive adaptive shock absorbers and riding on its stock semi-slicks, this Dutch supercar can apparently a production car record-setting 2.3 G of lateral acceleration. 

Now getting back to the Art Edition meanwhile, Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort states: “The Netherlands is a country rich in artistic heritage, and Donkervoort is a company rich in engineering heritage, so it seems a perfect fit to us.” “Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers love and engage with their cars as much as we loved creating them, and it’s hard to imagine anybody engaging with their car more than Cees has done.”

The F22 Art Edition has been dubbed by Donkervoort in being most astounding example yet of how its cars could be as individual as their owners want them to be, with it adding that this art car showcases for there to be virtually no limits on their customer’s imagination when it comes to customisation. Though this technically should already be a given, especially when considering that those who have the means to plonk down upwards of £210,000 (RM 1.25 million) before local taxes for even the standard version of these 1 of 100 limited run open-wheeled supercars will likely also have the means to modify it to their hearts content. 

In any case, Lubbers currently plans for this F22 Art Edition to fulfil its role as a gallery queen for the time being, with it set alongside other pieces of artwork and unique vehicles in his gallery. The man better known to the Donkervoort Ambassadors group as “Race Cees” nevertheless still has another mad Dutch supercar at his disposal, in the form of his well-used red D8 GTO JD70 R track-day weapon. 

Funnily enough too, that particular red D8 of Race Cees was actually the very same car used by Donkervoort for its official miniature model. And thus the circle of art continues with this Art Car, one could suppose…

Joshua Chin

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