Das Treffen 8 Caps Off Porsche’s SEA Anniversary Celebrations

Das Treffen 8 wraps up 75 years of Porsche sports cars, 60 years of 911 and 30 years of Porsche Thailand. 

From its founding as an intimate and casual gathering of Thai Porsche lovers back in 2015, Das Treffen has since now become one of the must-go events for lovers of all things Porsche. And with 2023 being a bumper year of anniversaries for the German sports car marque, this year’s 8th iteration really went all out to properly commemorate these milestones. 

Held on the 17th of December by the the IMPACT Lakeside at Muang Thong Thani, this eighth edition of Das Treffen was subtitled ‘Feiertag’ — the German word for ‘feast’ — in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, the 60th anniversary of the 911, as well as Porsche 30th anniversary in Thailand. More than 600 classic and modern Porsche sports cars and over 2,600 people attended this gathering during the course of the day, with most likely arriving to revel in what Porsche themselves have brought to the party…

When Dreams in Colours come true

The main highlight at Das Treffen 8 for Porsche Thailand was an area titled “Dreams in Colours”: here, the German automaker lined up a special display of all seven limited-edition 911 Carrera GTS – 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition sports cars. 

Inspired by the different colours of the week in Thai culture, the 911 Carrera GTS – 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition can be specified in one of seven iconic Paint to Sample (PTS) colours: Monday (Yellow) – Signalyellow, Tuesday (Pink) – Rubystar, Wednesday (Green) – Signalgreen, Thursday (Orange) – Pastelorange, Friday (Blue) – Rivierablue, Saturday (Purple) – Ultraviolet and Sunday (Red) – Firered.

Das Treffen 8 marked the first time for all seven coloured cars to be publicly presented, though not before an exclusive customer event the night before of course. Porsche Thailand also brought other highlights to the event, which included a 992-generation 911 GT3 with Manthey Racing performance parts and an AAS Motorsport section.

Triple Zero

Another stand-out highlight from Porsche Thailand was the presence of the 718 Spyder ‘000’ or ‘Triple Zero’. The Spyder ‘000’ was created by the magazine’s co-founders Pete Stout and Alex Palevsky, in collaboration with the artisans and engineers at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Inspired by the legendary Carrera GT, the Spyder ‘000’ consists of a package of specific exterior and interior design elements, creating a look perfect for unfiltered, open-top winding road driving.

Curvistan ‘Trailer Living Room’

Another standout section at Das Treffen 8 was the Airstream Caravan “Trailer Living Room” inspired by Curves magazine, the “car magazine without cars” from creative luminary Stefan Bogner. The Curves “Living Room” showcased a warm and inviting experience, fusing the world of road trip adventure with the exhilarating spirit of Porsche. 

Peter Rohwer, Managing Director of Porsche Thailand, commented, “Throughout this marvellous 30th anniversary year, we are proud to have shown that Porsche has found its way into the hearts of the Thai people, and likewise, Thailand has found its way into the heart of Porsche. The celebrations wrap up at the largest-ever Das Treffen – a perfect reflection of the growing community of Porsche fans here in Thailand.”

Yannick Ott, Director Marketing Porsche Asia Pacific said, “Das Treffen always like a warm family reunion, one that we look forward to the entire year. It unites the community of enthusiasts from all over Southeast Asia and beyond; year after year, it is proof that passion for the Porsche brand knows no borders.“

“Therefore, even as we celebrate 75 years of Porsche sports cars, we put our cars in the spotlight – like the 60 years of our icon, the 911 – but we also tell the stories of the people and connections forged with the passion of Porsche.”

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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