Audi Pays Tribute To Its IMSA Heritage With A Rather Special RS6

The RS6 GT nets some nice performance enhancements to live up to its IMSA tribute livery. 

While many may know of Audi in the motorsports world as being the Quattro kings in WRC back in the 80s, the quad-ringed automaker were actually also rather legendary when the roads were smoother too. And there is perhaps no car that more exemplified this fact than the German marque’s 90 quattro IMSA GTO race car from 1989, which it has recently decided to pay tribute to with its RS6. 

Dubbed the RS6 GT, the most clear connection to the 90 Quattro IMSA GTO of new special edition of Audi’s monster long-roof its its iconic red, white, and black Audi racing livery. This tri-colour palette will be the only exterior look option for buyers in the US (where the aforementioned touring car was raced), while other markets will have a wider choice of colours to go with their Avant. 

It nevertheless remains to be seen if anyone will be opting for any other exterior colour option apart from this legendary livery, especially when considering that Audi has fitted on this RS6 GT a set of white 22-inch alloy wheels that mimics the rolling stock on the race car it is paying homage to. And just in case that doesn’t already scream race car enough, this long-roof has also done away with the practicalities of having a standard roof rack, with it instead replaced with a motorsport-inspired double wing that is incidentally lifted straight off the previously showcased 2020 RS6 GTO concept. 

The other exterior highlights that separate this special edition from a hum-drum RS6 is to be the addition of a custom carbon bonnet, as well as a pair of unique front fenders with an air outlet built into its trailing edge. This GT-spec Avant further nets a blacked out grille and bumper to make it look lower and wider, along with a more prominent and functional rear diffuser and a more aggressive front splitter. 

As for what lies under that aforementioned carbon bonnet, the RS6 GT packs the same twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that makes 630 PS and 850 Nm of torque as in the standard car. Thanks to the lightweighting however, this special edition has been touted to hit the century sprint in just 3.3 seconds (down from 3.4), with the 0-200 km/h charge now takes only 11.5 seconds (down from 14). 

Audi has also been busy fettling with how the power meets the road, and has fitted the RS6 with unique adjustable coilover suspension as well as a specially tuned quattro sport rear differential with more rear bias. Its ride height has also been reduced by 10 mm, with it further gaining stiffer stabiliser bars and stickier Continental Sport Contact 7 tires to see it tackle corners as well as it does the straights. 

Moving along inside, the RS6 GT nets a pair of body-hugging sports seats that are upholstered in suede-like Dinamica. Red and copper contrast accents further add some subtle bling to this predominantly black cabin, while this special edition also has the typical plaque that denotes which production number of the 660 unit run the customer has chosen.

Yes, Audi will only be making 660 of these RS6 GTs, with prices for each starting at an eye watering €219,355 (RM 1.13 million) in home market Germany. And while there is no official word from the manufacturer yet, it should be all but expected for these special edition Avants to all have been snapped up by the time these words make it to press…

Happily however, in a recent interview with Autocar, Audi Sport managing director Rolf Michl had explained that the RS6 GT was more a “showcase of new materials” than a “final vision” for the firm. So there could be hope yet that there might be more brutally fast V8-powered monsters to come from the four-ringed automaker in the future. Yippee!

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