7 Race Cars Burned Down While On A Trailer En Route To Sepang

The cause of this trailer fire that burnt down these 7 cars is still currently unknown. 

With cars being essentially self-propelled flammable-liquid carriers, fires are unfortunately not exactly that rare an occurrence. Though R Engineering recently really got the short end of the stick here, as 7 of its cars were burnt to a crisp while being transported on a transport trailer en route to Sepang for a car show. 

Occurring at around 4.52 a.m. on Monday (18th December) morning along KM38.1 PLUS highway, there has yet been any official cause regarding this fire that consumed a trailer-full of R Engineering’s cars. The racing team however has clarified that no individuals were harmed or injured during the incident, while Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Fauzi Che Deris had stated that it took 25 personnel to smother the blaze. 

Here is the full statement released by the team regarding this recent incident: 

First and foremost, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude for the numerous wishes and messages of care and concern received from our partners and friends regarding the unfortunate incident along the PLUS highway this morning.

Most importantly, we are grateful that no individuals were harmed or injured during the incident. We have reached out to all affected parties and wish to assure everyone that there will be a thorough investigation into this matter.

We understand that many questions have arisen from this incident. As the case has been handed over to the relevant authorities, we will provide updates in due course. We kindly ask for your understanding to refrain from any speculation while investigations are ongoing.

Once again, thank you all for your messages of concern. We aim to provide further clarity on this matter in due time.

Going from the sole photo of the incident’s aftermath, it could be observed that of the 7 cars on the trailer, only perhaps the car at the head of the top deck would have any salvageable material (and even then it would only be from its front). The other vehicles meanwhile all look to unfortunately be total losses, with said victims including five Hondas, a Toyota Yaris, and a Proton Saga. 

For those who are unfamiliar with R Engineering, this racing team has multiple Sepang 1000km Champion titles under their belts and is one of the places to go for those who wishes to tune up their Hondas. One of their recent happier bits of news is the two brand-new Civic Type R TCR FL5s to their fleet, for which they promptly provided some amazing shots of it lapping around Sepang. 

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